Kids in Nature

school children at water's edge

In May, every third grader and third-grade teacher from the four elementary schools in the Saugerties school district (Cahill, Morse, Mt. Marion, and Riccardi) visited the preserves as  part of their curriculum, learning about aquatic macroinvertebrates in the Esopus Creek and participating in an ‘ecological scavenger hunt’. During most of the field trips, students not only spend four hours outside in nature, but they also eat their  lunch there, and learn from their classroom teachers, ECC  Board members and volunteers, and Catskill Center staff in a fun, hands-on, and incredibly effective way.

Saugerties Boys and Girls Club

Because of this unique partnership, these students are learning about their local surroundings and are beginning to realize the ecological and educational value of preserving areas of open space (like the Esopus Bend and Falling Waters) in their local community. As they mature, they too will come to realize that these natural environments not only provide aesthetic benefits to community residents, but also provide wildlife habitat, water quality protection, and recreational opportunities.