Board of Directors


Esopus Creek Conservancy Board of Directors

The ECC is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors. We are a diverse group from varied backgrounds. Each individual brings to the conservancy different skills and talents, but all share a deep commitment to the goals of the conservancy.

Directors are elected for two-year terms at the annual meeting in November. The board’s Nominating Committee analyzes the needs of the conservancy. It nominates individuals based on those needs plus a person’s demonstrated commitment to the conservancy, particularly through service on committees of the board.

Officers of the board are elected for a two-year term.


  • Leeanne Thornton, President
  • Sue Rosenberg, Secretary
  • Marcus (Skip) Arthur, Treasurer


  • Marcus Arthur
  • Eileen Cunningham
  • Bob McGilvrey
  • Margo McGilvrey
  • Mary McNamara
  • Jason Novak
  • William Robelee
  • Pam Ross
  • Sue Rosenberg
  • Leeanne Thornton