ECC Scholarship

Esopus Creek Conservancy Scholarship Application

The ECC will provide a $1,000 scholarship to a Saugerties High School senior who intends to pursue studies in an approved educational setting that would support our mission.

Mission:  Our mission is to conserve significant natural landscapes in the lower Esopus Creek watershed and in the Saugerties area: by conserving and protecting natural habitats; by promoting biodiversity; and by sharing an appreciation of our natural resources with the community through public outreach, education and advocacy.

Applicants need to submit a two-part essay.  The first part of the essay must describe his/her efforts in specific activities or classes that are directly related to at least one of the goals stated in our mission; the second part will describe how future educational plans will relate to ECC’s goals of protecting natural habitat and environmental education.

ECC Scholarship application_2019