Sponsor a Camper for 2020

Sponsor a Camper for 2020

ECC, recognized by national and local foundations for its achievements in environmental education, is proud of the success of our partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club and Saugerties District Schools.

To gain a greater appreciation for the Catskill environment, this past summer ECC’s programming brought Saugerties youth to preserved lands throughout Ulster County, where they made discoveries in quarries, woodlands, meadows, water’s edge and even visited with a local beekeeper!

How do you assess the value of these experiences: first awareness of a tidal estuary (“I never knew how fast the tide comes up! All of our stuff got wet!”), a deep appreciation of quiet (“I like the quiet. It is so peaceful.”), comfort among amphibians and insects, learning to trust and work as a team?

We assess the success of these programs by the smiles and thoughtful feedback from the kids themselves as they ease into nature. Their faces remind us that wild spaces provide children with so much more than we can actually see and measure.

These successes compel us to request your collaboration in this most gratifying endeavor. Your sponsorship of $75 will ensure that one of Saugerties kids can join ECC in Summer Wilderness experiences and after school programming. Your generosity will be measured in those smiles. We look forward to continuing to inspire a love of the land.