The Goals of the Esopus Creek Conservancy

What Are the Goals of Esopus Creek Conservancy?

The Esopus Creek Watershed

The Esopus Creek Watershed

Our primary Esopus Creek Conservancy Goals

As with every organization, Esopus Creek Conservancy has a mission and goals that we set out to achieve.  Here is a list of our primary goals that our dedicated volunteers and staff work toward.

  • To serve as stewards of  Esopus Bend Nature Preserve
  • To  preserve open space in its natural state for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations;
  • To protect water quality, plant and animal habitats;
  • To enrich the public’s understanding of the natural environment by offering educational programs in conjunction with schools and local groups;
  • To cooperate with other groups, agencies and individuals in the preservation of open space;
  • To seek public and private financial support to achieve our goals.

If you share our goals and want to get involved, please go to our Volunteer page and sign up. The ECC is completely dependent on volunteers, donations and grants. To make a donation, go to our Make a Donation page. We look forward to hearing from you!}